Gluten free
Banana / Fig Bread


Banana Bread - with our original twist.  Ideal for breakfast, a snack or a delightful treat for guests.
Amazing flavour made with pecan nuts, gluten free nuts and raisons.

Our Banana Bread is served in individual pieces, and we can prepare gift sets including

a variety of our other delicious baked goods.




*Rice flour

*Ground Almond

*Baking powder 

*Soy milk 

*rice bran oil 

*apple sauce






Banana Bread      ( 2 bread ) $25

Fig Bread               ( 2 bread) $25



pretty shell shaped cakes, originally from France 


We have a choice of three flavors.

Plain, Green tea and cocoa.

Packed in a box, making it suitable as a gift or to take some where.


Also a assortment of madeleine with Florentine are also available.

 I can arrange the quantity of each product so please feel free to contact me about that anytime.




*Organic white flour

*Organic wholemeal flour 

*Baking powder

*Soy milk

*Rice bran oil 

*Brown sugar

*Green tea

*Cocoa powder

*Organic Salt


10 pieces                $35  (same flavor)

Snow Ball
No longer available


Our popular lovely, light, crispy cookies, taking one step further and introducing new flavors, plain, green tea and English breakfast tea.  We can prepare a gift pack, including a variety of our other baked goods.




*Organic white flour

*Organic wholemeal flour

*Ground Almond 

*corn starch

*Organic salt


*Rice Bran oil

*Green tea powder

*Earl gray tea


1 bag       10 balls   $20


Organic Apple Tarte
No longer available


Organic apples and apple juice slowly baked in the oven bringing out the natural sweetness of the fruit,
combined with a delicious selection of (gluten free???) nuts and raisons, creating a feeling of luxury.


*Organic white flour 

*Organic wholemeal flour 

*Baking powder

*Organic Sea salt 

*Organic Soy milk

*Rice bran oil

*Brown sugar

*Organic Vanilla extract

*Organic apple 

*Lemon juice



*Cashew cream


5 pieces    $40


Macaron gift Box

A perfect gift for a bridal, birthday party or Valentine’s Day.

*Please order 1 week in advance.

*If you would like to order more than 10 boxes, please let us know 2 weeks in advance.


Minimum order from 5 Boxes: $125


Raspberry Macaron: with vegan white chocolate cream with freeze-dried raspberry filling.

Chocolate Macaron: with orange-flavored ganache filling

Green Tea Macaron: with Chocolate coated nuts with Macha-flavored white chocolate filling



Absolutely Vegan Macarons

You can choose flavors from Rasberry / Chocolate / Green Tea



*Bean water

*Almond powder

*Icing sugar

*Vegan chocolate

*Organic soy milk

*Vanilla extract

*Raspberry powder

*Green tea Powder

*Cocoa powder

Minimum order from 10 pieces (same flavor)

$ 45




Originally from France, Dacquoise is an almond flavored  meringue.   We have achieved the same light texture and flavor
without using eggs.  Filled with a decadent ganache made with vegan chocolate.  A perfect combination.

Dacquoise is a snack baked with meringue and flavor of almonds. Originally this snack was born in France.

It is baked in a fabric which makes a fluffy texture without using eggs, as well as us.


Of course we made the texture of the fluffy without using any eggs.


inside cream is ganache with vegan chocolate.




*Grand Almond

*Brown sugar

*Egg re-placer 


10 pieces  $35

No longer available


originally from France, then Italy took them over and now we are offering our own original Florentine, based on the traditional cookies but with our new twist- our base of the cookies is made up from Almond meal , topped with a delicious mouth watering caramel  made from healthy sliced almond and rice syrup.


Also a assortment of madeleine with Florentine are also available.

 I can arrange the quantity of each product so please feel free to contact me about that anytime.




*Organic Whole meal flour

*Organic white flour

*Ground almond 

*baking powder

*Soy milk 

*Organic rice syrup

*Almond slice


* We offering Gluten free version


10 slices (4x6cm)    $25



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