Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake


GF sponge layers delicate avenge

Rich chocolate mousse with sponge

and Chocolate mousse layer cake

bittersweet chocolate delicately flavoured with orange encases.

Layer of GF sponge & raspberry mousse, topped with chocolate Glaçage and fresh fruit.


*Organic white flour 
*Organic wholemeal flour 
*Cocoa powder
*Baking powder
*Organic Sea salt 
*Organic Soy milk
*Rice bran oil
*Brown sugar
*Vegan chocolate
*Organic Vanilla extract
*coconut cream
*raspberry jam
*Organic Apple syrup


GF version
*We are changing flour to Rice flour  and ground Almond.


【15cm $45・ 18cm $55・ 21cm $70】