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Macrobiotic Lunch Box

Macrobiotic is a healthier way of eating, based upon a diet of grains, vegetables and beans.

Those who follow a macrobiotic diet will mention the variety of benefits it can offer, including higher energy levels, beautiful skin, a clear mind and connection to nature.

Treat and nourish your body and soul with our delicious, healthy and seriously filling macrobiotic lunch boxes, delivered straight to your door! Created by Katsumi and Eri, who are passionate Japanese vegan/macrobiotic chefs. Their delicious lunch boxes are created using natural, traditional cooking methods (no added chemicals, processed food or artificial flavouring).

Thereby, bringing together a combination of Japanese vegetables and flavours using locally sourced vegetables and ingredients.

The lunch boxes include:

* Teriyaki Rice Burger (It can also be changed to Buns.)

* potato salad

* Yuba cutlet

* Roast Vegitables

* Seasonal Fruits

Special diet requirements are our forte.
Minimum order is six lunchboxes. 
$25.00 per person. $150.00 ~
Please place order 3 days in advance.
Our delivery service. City ~ Albany $10.00

Our altering service offers a great selection of tantalizing menus and options.

Our food caravan can be brought to your special events. Our catering menus/options are flexible.

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