since 2015
La Petite Noix Vegan cakes and Foods

Hello everyone, I am patisserie Eri, the owner of La Petite Noix vegan cake shop. Thank you for enjoying my vegan cakes.


About Me 


After graduating from a Food Technical School (majoring in cakes /cookies/desserts),I had ten years of experience working at cake shop (Kobe) and 

Kobe Oriental Hotel etc.


Our Story


It has been 10 years since I changed my diet and became a vegan. My inspiration came from countries like Africa which are troubled by food shortages. I had no opportunity to help these people, so I decided the one thing I could do, Indirectly stop eating meat.


After I made that decision, I started to think about our environment and animals, which lead me to think about healthy food and mental well-being, and I gradually gave up all animal products.

I tried various diets, but I choose a vegan diet. This way of life for me and my family is comfortable and requires no effort to sustain.


My son developed severe skin dermatitis when he was a few months old.

Since I was breast feeding. I tried very hard to restrict my diet. Taking into account that as a child,I suffered from stomach cramps and diarrhea whenever I had eggs or milk. I had many unanswered questions and I couldn't offer help for my son's skin dermatitis.


Through my experience and to the best of my ability, I would like to help mothers who have the same frustrations to be happy again and help children with allergies to smile. With this vision in mind, I opened my vegan, vegetarian and allergy sensitive cake shop.


My Vision


My dream is to create cakes that can be enjoyed by and every body,including people with allergies, vegans and vegetarians. I make delicious, beautiful cakes based with the French tradition but with a crucial difference. Our cakes are made without white sugar, eggs, dairy or any products that are from animals.


La Petite Noix cater to those who have very special requirements: vegetarian, vegan gluten or lactose intolerant,  mild or major allergies or simply those with a desire to know exactly what they are eating and where the ingredients were sourced. The global trend towards specialized diets is increasing. The demand for traditional quality remains timeless. La Petite Noix provide to specialized plant-based cake of supreme quality to individuals.



Although some of our products are nut and gluten free,

they may contain traces of these and therefore it may not be suitable for people with strong Anaphylaxis reaction to nut or gluten.