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Gluten free
Banana / Fig Bread


Banana Bread - with our original twist.  Ideal for breakfast, a snack or a delightful treat for guests.
Amazing flavour made with pecan nuts, gluten free nuts and raisons.

Our Banana Bread is served in individual pieces, and we can prepare gift sets including

a variety of our other delicious baked goods.




*Rice flour

*Ground Almond

*Baking powder 

*Soy milk 

*rice bran oil 

*apple sauce






Banana Bread      ( 1 bread ) $40

Fig Bread               ( 1 bread) $40

L: 19cm W:9cm H:9cm

Macaron Box

A perfect gift for a bridal, birthday party or Valentine’s Day.

*Please order 1 week in advance.

*If you would like to order more than 10 boxes, please let us know 2 weeks in advance.


1 box includes 10 macarons same flavour ($50)


Raspberry Macaron: with vegan white chocolate cream with freeze-dried raspberry filling.

Chocolate Macaron: with orange-flavored ganache filling

Green Tea Macaron: with Chocolate coated nuts with Macha-flavored white chocolate filling



*Chickpea water

*Organic golden sugar

*Almond powder

*Icing sugar

*Vegan butter

*Organic soy milk

*Raspberry powder

*Green tea Powder

*Black sesame seed and paste



Pretty shell shaped cakes, originally from France 


We have a choice of three flavors.

Plain, Green tea and cocoa.

Packed in a box, making it suitable as a gift or to take some where.


Also a assortment of madeleine with Florentine are also available.

 I can arrange the quantity of each product so please feel free to contact me about that anytime.




*Organic white flour

*Organic whole meal flour 

*Baking powder

*Soy milk

*Rice bran oil 

*Brown sugar

*Green tea

*Cocoa powder

*Organic Salt


10 pieces $45 (same flavor)



Originally from France, Dacquoise is an almond flavored  meringue.   We have achieved the same light texture and flavor without using eggs.  Filled with a decadent ganache made with vegan chocolate.  




*Grand Almond

*Brown sugar

*Egg re-placer 


10 pieces  $50



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