Our popular pudding, now has new flavors, made with ingredients that are famous
and well known to promote beauty and assist good health.

Carob Pudding

(with carob sauce)

Substituting cocoa with carob, making an amazing pudding.
Carob has the benefits of plenty of fiber, calcium and iron.  Also
because carob is caffeine-free, makes it ideal for children.  Indulge
and feel good!



Black Sesame

(with Black Sesame sauce)

Black sesame is renowned for its many health benefits and values, good for complexion, stabilizing cholesterol,
helping anemia and calming effects on the soul.  Being so nutritious, its recommended to eat a little black sesame daily.
What a great way to enjoy black sesame in the delicious pudding.


Green Tea

(with Green tea sauce)

Green Tea is expecially appealing to women with benefits of beauty, detox and anti-aging properties.  This pudding
has the slight bitterness of green tea, and the added flavor of the green tea sauce.  A perfect combination.  Recommended
for people who enjoy green tea.

Vanilla Pudding 

(with caramel sauce)


A rich creamy flavor.

Our secret ingredient to make this 

creamy taste is from white Miso.


Soy milk, Soy cream, Brown sugar, Agar Powder

(Black sesame paste ,Miso, Green tea, Carob)


Same flavor 5 glasses 

Plastic cup (125g): $30

Glass jar (125g): $40