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Order your cake now ready for Christmas! 

If you're looking for a healthy, simple and festive Christmas gift, these cake would be great for anyone and everyone!

We will customize your wordings on your cake. 


Between 20th December & 25th December

You can place your order from 1st of October

Orders placed as early as possible would be appreciated.

Pick up - Wairau Road, Totara Vale, Glenfield.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy, safe Christmas!

2016 Christmas cake 1


Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake


GF sponge layers delicate avenge

Rich chocolate mousse with sponge

and Chocolate mousse layer cake

bittersweet chocolate delicately flavoured with orange encases.

Layer of GF sponge & raspberry mousse, topped with chocolate Glaçage and fresh fruit.


【15cm $45・ 18cm $55・ 21cm $70】

More details

2016 Christmas Cake 2


Strawberry coconut whipped cream Cake


Fluffy layers of soft sponge cake filled with coconut whipped cream frosting and fresh sweet strawberries

We can also make it gluten free, let us know



【15cm $45・ 18cm $55・ 21cm $70】

More details

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